2022-06-29 04:33:12 By : Ms. Mandy Xie

We've been excited about this new addition to the Village of Wappingers since first hearing about their plans back in late 2021, and now they're officially open for business; Welcome to Wappingers, Norma's Corner Shop!

After opening their first 'tiny coffee shop/bakery' in Queens in 2012, ten years later Crystal River Williams and Denise Plowman, business partners and best friends originally from California, have brought their charming Corner Shoppe to the Hudson Valley, and more specifically, the Village of Wappingers.

Denise and Crystal, both single moms who rely on each other heavily to find that business owner/parenting work-life balance have such an interesting journey to share about where they are today.  Both have pastry degrees and spent a number of years working as bakers for other people before venturing into restaurant ownership.  Crystal even ran a mail order cookie company out of her Brooklyn apartment, believe it or not, on EBay, back in the day.  The same license she used to operate her cookie business is the same one that runs Norma's today.

Well in 2012 Crystal and Denise pooled together their savings in order to open up their first location, building the Queens Norma's, quite literally, from the ground up.

A great bakery menu, breakfast and lunch options, and plenty of beverages, hot and iced, can be found on the menu.  The owners shared that they took the menu from the Queens location and 'peppered in' a few items from their restaurant called Julia's while also adding some new side dishes as well.

We are obsessed with sandwiches and all the things that go along with them: pickles, spreads, dressings and snacks. And of course, delicious hand held home-style baked goods and coffee.

They've got a great spot in the village, with a large indoor dining space (and a stage that my daughter had to test out), and some unique and fun items for purchase that would make great gifts, too.